Gamtos Grožio Formulė

Gamtos Grožio Formulė – Lithuanian healthy lifestyle online magazine which has already attracted highly targeted audience of great quality.

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About project “Gamtos Grožio Formulė”

With its exceptional audience, project “Gamtos Grožio Formulė” is best suitable for advertising healthy lifestyle-related products or services. The biggest share of our users are women, who are constantly seeking for sound advice for their well-being. Maybe you offer what they really need?

  • 260 000+
    Monthly visitors
  • 107 000+
    Facebook followers
  • 20 000+
    Newsletter subscribers

Main topics:

Receptai.Tv – a dynamic cooking channel which provides organic product placement opportunities without disturbing the consumer, in other words – tastefully!

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About “Receptai.TV”

Colorful, memorable and mouthwatering ideas presented in the most attractive and easy to digest way – video format. In less than a minute you learn to cook a meal from a scratch. It’s quick, dynamic and effective – just like your product placement can be if integrated in one of Receptai.TV videos!

  • 25
    Videos per month
  • 2 500 000+
    Monthly views
  • 4 media channels
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